Loki Solar

Developing sustainable solar power

Loki Solar is focused on developing solar projects to provide zero emissions, affordable, reliable power. We're currently developing a portfolio of five solar projects in Maine that total 18.3MW AC. If you're interested in learning more about our projects or saving on your electricity bills every month please contact us at Mike@lokisolar.com.

The Loki Solar Team

Ryan Higgins - Owner

Ryan brings a creative, entrepreneurial mindset to Loki Solar. Ryan has been successful in bringing his visions to reality starting a landscaping company and then a self-publishing company on his path to become a New York Time's best-selling children’s book author. His enthusiasm and love for the natural world led Ryan to co-found Loki Solar with the mission of developing sustainable solar power projects.

Mike Parker, PE - Owner

Mike brings a background of renewable energy development and project delivery to Loki Solar. Mike has learned what it takes to drive a project forward and meet the demanding permitting, technical, and economic challenges of renewable energy projects in his 11 years of hydropower consulting. His passion for delivering high-value renewable projects to contribute to the US clean energy transition led Mike to co-found Loki Solar.

Similar Projects

Cianbro, a leading contractor in Maine, has constructed an impressive solar project in Pittsfield, Maine that gives a sense of the scale we're working to achieve. Loki Solar is driving to generate more sustainable affordable power.

Interested in learning more? Email Mike@lokisolar.com